Hannah Ludnow

Born in Cornwall, Hannah grew up in a creative environment and painted from a very young age.  She moved to London to study art at university where she studied a mixture of skills; painting, life drawing, ceramics and print.  She now focuses on painting and sells from galleries in London, Cornwall and the Middle East.  Her work is abstract, she does not paint a specific place. Her use of colour and line exudes a calmness and she builds an atmosphere that draws you in to imagine yourself there, standing on a cliff, a beach or behind the dunes, exposed to the elements and the unpredictability of nature.

She set up Columbia Road Gallery in July 2005, where she successfully represents some of the modern artistic talent coming from Cornwall, as well as other UK artists.

Alice Sheppard Fidler

Alice draws inspiration from her allotment where she finds working the soil a welcome contrast to the hectic pace of the commercial design world.  Painting is her meditation.  The still lives she creates are about the quiet, bringing together of the different elements, "objects with their silent forms and simple presence meet the more dynamic organic shapes of living plants and food".  My paintings are about the way these different elements work together and their position on the painting plain.

"I aim to capture a moment, but at the same time I am documenting and observing a year from the allotment through the seasons."

Mark Poprawski

Many of Mark's most vivid childhood memories were formed during his annual visits to the Cornish coast.  He studied painting at Norwich School of Art and Design, graduating in 1997 with a Fine Art B.A. (Hons.) degree.  His painting has been influenced through travel and having lived for three years amongst the dramatic landscapes of the Limousine region of France, where he opened a gallery.  He now lives in St. Ives, Cornwall, where he continues to be inspired by his immediate surroundings, painting from his studio on a full time basis.

"The presence and absence of light is the most fundamental concept behind all my paintings.  Although often diffused or obscured, it permeates even the heaviest of skies, giving hope and acting as an uplifting counterpoint to dark, mysterious seas."