Columbia Road Prints was set up as an online business by two friends, Hannah and Clare, in January 2014. Hannah Ludnow, artist and owner of Columbia Road Gallery, London, agreed that with the help of her friend, they should offer limited edition prints of work from a selection of renowned gallery artists.

Columbia Road Prints does of course share the same objective as Columbia Road Gallery ; to accurately represent the modern artistic talent coming from Cornwall and the UK. We have curated work from three of the gallery's longstanding artists; Hannah, Mark Poprawski and Alice Sheppard Fidler.  Unless the print of the work accurately represents the original painting and conveys the atmosphere and feeling of the original, we will not offer the print.  All of the artists individually check each print and hand sign at their approval.

Columbia Road Gallery was opened in the Summer of 2005 and the doors are open every Sunday, with the buzz of famous flower market just around the corner.  We have a much loved, loyal and regular customer base, with paintings from a collection of artists, including Hannah's own work, exhibited here. 

Limited to 50 editions only 

We believe that a limited edition print should be treasured and appreciated. To make these prints just a little more special we have taken the decision to limit the prints to 50 editions only. It just means more painting for our artists and that can't be a bad thing.

Quality of print and paper

Giclée is a high quality print technique that allows us to accurately show the richness of colour and texture that you see in Hannah's original paintings. Hahnemühle is the fine art paper that we use, sourced from the world famous German paper mill that has manufactured fine quality paper since 1584. They know what they're doing.


We frame our prints in white hardwood frames, and some of our smaller prints in handpainted grey frames.

If delivered we will use an acrylic glaze, rather than glass.  The crystal clear PMMA (Poly Methyl Methacrylate) acrylic glazing is proven to have the same appearance and reflective properties as standard glass.  It is an A-grade product often used in art galleries, resistant to scratching and yellowing and is shatterproof.

Arrange a viewing

All of the prints are made to order.  However, we do have one framed print of each painting available for press photography and customer viewings.  Contact us to arrange a viewing at the gallery.